wi101-logoManaging editor, Wisconsin 101: Our History in Objects

January 2017-July 2017

PiecesĀ for which I’ve served as editor

Draft Drum

Settlement Cookbook

Mepps Fishing Lure

Old Abe, the Live War Eagle

Sterling Safety Bicycle


ee-banner-dolomites_kellerEditorial board, Edge Effects digital magazine

Center for Culture, History, and Environment (CHE)

June 2016-May 2017

Pieces for which I served as editor

Why We Don’t Like Wild Women,” May 2017

Toxic Bodies and the Wetter, Better Future of Fury Road,” April 2017

Humility and Hubris: A Review of Luc Jaquet’s ‘Ice and the Sky,'” March 2017

Global Environmental Change in Indonesia: A Roundtable,” February 2017

The Truthiness of Nature Films,” February 2017

Six Quick Lessons in How to Read a Landscape,” January 2017

Rethinking American Agriculture: Fertilized Farms and Victory Gardens,” January 2017

New Maps Shed Light on German Soldiers Lives,” December 2016

Tilefish and Jello Salad for Family and Nation,” November 2016

Natural Food to Eat When Changing the World,” November 2016

The Making of ‘Pure Michigan,’” November 2016

How Activists are Taking on Factory Farms,” October 2016

The Ethics of Ceremony at Standing Rock,” October 2016

A Park Service for Both Bisons and Bombs,” September 2016

Finding Longleaf Pine in American History,” September 2016